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Real-Time Compliance for Your High-Volume Contact Center

Whether your call center is in-house or outsourced to a third party, you need a Do-Not-Call solution built for high-volume that works flawlessly with your dialing platform. As the leading provider of Do-Not-Call compliance for large enterprises, Gryphon’s innovative telephony cloud is designed to work with any type of calling equipment, model or manufacturer, so you can focus on the effectiveness of your calling campaigns and leave the bullet proof Do-Not-Call compliance to us.

How it Works

TeleBlock Plus is a pay-per-use service based on volume and is provisioned at the carrier level on lines connected to your dialing system. Once a line is provisioned, all outbound calls are automatically screened against your organization’s proprietary DNC database in the telephone carrier network in milliseconds. If a dialed number appears in a client’s centralized DNC database, or is dialed outside of legal calling hours, then the call is blocked. If the number does not appear in the DNC database, or has an active established business relationship (EBR) exemption, then the call is processed accordingly.

When the call is blocked, TeleBlock Plus notifies the agent and allows them to move on quickly to the next call. There is no latency and, because of our cloud-based approach, TeleBlock Plus requires no new hardware or software and is totally seamless to your agent or party on the other end of the call.

Key Advantages

DNC Managed For You: Eliminate the risk and hassle of dealing with list scrubbing services while Gryphon automatically filters against federal, state, wireless, third party and in-house Do-Not-Call lists, as well as call curfew and other marketing compliance and business rules.

Federated Enterprise View: Get one version of the truth by viewing an interface that shows a consolidated view of all calling activity inside and outside the contact center.

The Gryphon Indemnity Guarantee: Gryphon’s patented and proven platform is backed by a guarantee that takes ownership of any compliance liability should you face fines or regulatory action.

Recover Valuable Leads: Gryphon’s patented technology allows you to automatically apply legal exemptions, including EBRs, consumer consent, and intelligent lead recovery data sets, making numbers available to you that would otherwise be restricted.

Campaign Management: Establish calling campaign specific rule sets within the same Gryphon database and treat calls uniquely such as Wireless screening only when using automated dialing platform to comply with TCPA or full screening when performing new customer acquisitions.

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