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International marketing requires compliance with layered webs of marketing privacy regulations unique to each country. Gryphon understands the patchwork and interplay of international privacy rules and regulations, and that each marketplace poses unique opportunities and challenges to international businesses. Our global clients rely on our technology to provide indemnified compliance in the face of each country’s evolving regulatory landscape.

Canadian Marketing Privacy Compliance

Canada implemented its Do-Not-Call program in 2008, which included the country’s National Do-Not-Call list. This list is maintained and enforced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

In December 2010, Canada enacted the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Formally known as the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA) and Law C-28, this sweeping legislation aims to regulate all electronic commercial messages sent from Canadian marketers or to Canadian consumers.

In addition to federal marketing privacy rules, Canadian provinces and territories each maintain data privacy regulations pertaining to the collection and processing of personal information.

Mexican Marketing Privacy Compliance

Mexico’s federal consumer protection authority, Profeco, implemented a national Do-Not-Contact program in 2007, including Mexico’s Registro Público de Consumidores (RPC) that allows individuals to opt-out of phone and fax marketing. Profeco is in the process of expanding the RPC to include email marketing and a later phase of the regulation will include direct mail marketing as well.

Mexico’s financial services regulator, Condusef, maintains an additional Do-Not-Contact program, including its Registro Público de Usuarios (REUS) that must be observed by financial institutions. REUS enables individuals to opt-out of phone, email and text marketing. Mexico also recently enacted a comprehensive federal law on the protection of personal data.

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