Gryphon Phone is the world’s leading automated Do-Not-Call compliance and sales productivity tool for distributed sales teams. It’s the only solution backed by a guarantee of 100% indemnified compliance.

Top companies in retail banking, brokerage, healthcare, insurance and utility industries rely on Core Phone to manage sales activity for agents working outside the call center environment. Core Phone provides real-time sales activity data captured automatically at the source. Agents don’t need to manually enter their activity into CRMs and managers have on-demand access to robust, granular reporting.


Using a variety of access methods, your agents can make calls in the office, on the road, or across the county from any phone, even mobile or VoIP.

Real-Time Compliance

Gryphon’s Core technology checks every dial against state, federal, and other Do-Not-Call lists, applies any available exemptions, and either allows the call or blocks it, automatically. Core Phone provides carrier-class compliance and sales management without the risk, capital expense, and ongoing management costs associated with other in-house solutions.

Dynamic Preference Management

During a call, agents can update consumer’s marketing preferences with dedicated disposition keys.

Embedded Intelligence

Gryphon’s Core automatically adjusts to call curfew, time zone, daylight savings, holiday, and state-of-emergency restrictions associated with every dialed number. Gryphon also automatically updates all its software to reflect changes in regulations at every level.

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