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Unlike traditional scrubbing services that remove good numbers, Gryphon’s lead recovery solution offers a higher level of database intelligence that converts growing Do-Not-Call registries into a competitive marketplace advantage.

Gryphon offers three unique capabilities to ensure the maximum number of connected calls:

Lead Recovery for Business (LRB):

There are tens of millions of business numbers that are erroneously enrolled on Federal and State Do-Not-Call lists, and more are being added each and every day. With Lead Recovery Business enabled, the Gryphon engine will automatically allow calling to identified business numbers as calls are being made and help you reach those individuals that prefer to do business from their place of work.

Lead Recovery for Internal DNC (LRI):

Federal and State regulatory bodies have different standards as it relates to expiration of in-house Do-Not-Call (IDNC) records. From the date of the consumer’s initial IDNC request, the Federal expiration interval is 5 years while some States have more restrictive rules. By enabling Lead Recovery IDNC Expiration service, potentially millions of an organization’s IDNC records, with additional records each and every month, will be added back to the prospect pool.

Lead Recovery for Disconnect/Reconnect (LRD):

Statistics show that upwards of 15-20% of the U.S. population relocates each year and many of those new movers do not take their phone number with them. Gryphon’s Lead Recovery Disconnect/Reassign engine automatically removes phone numbers that have been disconnected and reassigned to new users from a company’s IDNC List and makes these numbers available to call.

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