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Bulletproof Marketing Compliance for CRM

Increase sales effectiveness and reduce risk with the only app that automatically addresses all Do-Not-Call and email marketing regulations, managing opt-ins and opt-outs in real-time so you’re never rolling the dice with outdated scrubbed lists.

Gryphon App for CRM brings company-specific marketing privacy rules to the point of marketing interaction, the agents themselves.  Gryphon allows agents to call directly from CRM systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM and a variety of other CRMs) using Click-to-Dial functionality that screens phone numbers in real-time against all applicable Federal, State, industry or in-house rules.

This optional CTI integration can also support other capabilities such as pre-call disclosure whispers, pre-and post-call dispositions through the telephone keypad, compliant call Recording, and targeted Speech Analytics, which delivers accurate, real-time reporting you can react to quickly.  With Gryphon DialviewTM enabled, agents can also dial from assigned or self-generated lists without having to jump around from screen to screen.

All Gryphon’s phone-based services are built from the ground up with compliance in mind and fully TCPA-compliant so you can legally communicate with your customers the way they want you to without risk of violations.

Key Advantages

Call activity reporting – robust sales intelligence providing visibility into the metrics important to your business

Mobile ready – use your mobile device to access your data and reports on the go

Customizable campaigns – set certification rules by campaign and allow granular opt-ins

Visual Contact Status Display – shows which leads are blocked or “OK” to call within any CRM record view

TCPA ready – 100% compliant with new wireless calling rules

Create lists on the fly – users can create new lead lists directly from Dialview

Custom filtering and sorting of lead lists – organize leads by the characteristics that matter to your business

Get accurate visibility into your sales call activity and eliminate liability by adding marketing compliance directly to CRM with Gryphon App for CRM

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