Domino’s Pizza to pay $9.75 Million in TCPA Settlement

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Compliance Related News | 0 comments

In order to compliantly execute text message marketing campaigns, businesses need to be sure that all third-party marketing vendors, independent agents, and franchisees are also in compliance with the law.

A Louisiana resident filed a TCPA class action suit against Dominos after a franchise store sent her unsolicited marketing text messages. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits marketers from sending text messages without their prior express consent.

This spring, the FCC issued a declaratory ruling determining that businesses can be held “vicariously liable” for marketing privacy violations committed by franchisees, independent agents, third-party vendors, or anyone else marketing on behalf of that company.

Gryphon’s marketing privacy experts help many of our clients determine who in a multi-faceted marketing chain is responsible for compliance, and this ruling strengthens the position already established by the FTC: everyone in the chain is responsible for compliance with all marketing privacy regulations.

To take advantage of the immediacy and intimacy of text message marketing, companies need to ensure that all franchisees, as well as third-party vendors and remote workers, can easily use the channel to market while in compliance with the law.

Gryphon’s products make it easy for all liable parties to automatically comply with the laws and are the only options for outsourcing liability.

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