Core Email Clearinghouse

Fully Indemnified, Bulletproof Compliance

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Gryphon’s Core Email Clearinghouse is the only centralized, secure and cloud-based email certification repository system. It allows direct marketers to grow their marketable universe and increase revenue in compliance with email marketing privacy regulations like CAN-SPAM and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law.

Certifies all email marketing campaigns against Do-Not-Email, VIP, FCC Wireless Domain name, and U.S. DMA Do-Not-Email lists and maintains a record of historical certification data for contact governance inquiries.

Cloud-Based For Total Access

Ensures the complete compliance of all campaigns managed by multiple internal departments, independently managed offices, and third-party email marketing firms. Provides faster access to allow all parties to legally respond to warm leads quickly.

Centralized Multi-Channel Compliance

Integrates campaigns cost effectively, efficiently and in real-time to simplify the capture of and compliance to opt-outs and other marketing preferences, such as contact frequency.

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