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In 2016, there were more than 600 new rules or changes to existing Federal and State Do-Not-Contact and compliance rules. In this uncertain regulatory environment, Gryphon makes it easy for organizations to stay compliant with all state and federal regulatory laws and regulations while improving overall marketing effectiveness through opt-ins and smart consumer preference services.

The cost of non-compliance extends far beyond the risk of fines. The true cost must also include the brand damage associated with violations and the potential loss of customers once the news gets out.

Gryphon is the ONLY fully indemnified compliance service that is built for the highest-volume marketing organizations, integrates will all marketing systems, and provides FULL INDEMNIFICATION from any law or regulation automatically.

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The FTC and Your Incredible Shrinking

As the marketing universe continuously shrinks for businesses by the day, the Federal Trade Commission has now approved to more than double the fine for a Do-Not-Call violation. If history is any indicator, this is more than just a scare tactic. The increase in fines...

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